Offsite Backup

Are you protected from data loss? Why risk it? Technology has become so convenient. We store all our music, movies, personal photos, financial records, and business documents on our computers. But do you have a backup plan to save your digital life in case of hardware or server failure? Millennium Systems offers offsite data backup so you’ll never have to wonder “what if?” Our offsite backup plans feature customer-customizable backup options so you can retrieve the data you need in an emergency.

In addition to our advanced offsite backup technology, Millennium Systems has the advantage of being right in your backyard, so your offsite backup is supported by our friendly technicians and thorough service. When you sign up with us, a real live person will come to do the seed backup - there's no need to hassle with mailing in hard drives or struggling with a tedious online upload. We're local, so you can always call on us for help. We’ve got your BACKup!


Customer-customizable software with backup options including data backup, exchange backup, Hyper-V backup, SQL, and more

500Mbps bandwidth to handle large data uploads

Backup is stored in our secure data center staffed with live people and 24 hour surveillance

Backup is stored on our latest backup server replete with redundancies

Technical support is free and assistance with emergency restores is available 24/7

Secure Coverage

Real-time offsite backup

Prevents data loss

Offsite backups all stored on our latest backup redundant storage array

A copy of your image backup on an external hard drive server stored at our secure data center for emergencies with the 1 TB plan