Computer Services

Computer Hookup

Tell us where you want your computer, and we'll hook it up for you. Mac and PC friendly.

Computer Tune-up

Computers are like cars. Maintenance is required. We provide high-quality computer tune-ups to ensure your computer runs properly and smoothly. Mac and PC friendly. Dust bunnies vacuumed out free of charge!

Virus and Spyware Removal

Wondering if a virus or spyware is lurking on your computer? Is your computer sluggish? We remove viruses and spyware and get your computer back up to speed. We can also install antivirus and security software.

Hardware Install

Got a new printer, scanner, camera, microphone, RAM, or hard drive? Our fearless technicians can install any piece of computer hardware.

Operating System Install

Your computer's operating system, or OS, is its brain. Installing a new OS or updating your current one can be like performing brain surgery. Let our brain surgeons handle it and keep your system up to date.

Software Install and Setup

From Windows 8 to Quickbooks to Peachtree to Outlook to Office 2012 to Adobe to Skype. We can install and set up software specifically tailored to fit your computing needs.

Computer Repair

When your computer stops working, so do you. Our technicians troubleshoot and repair. We'll get you back on your proverbial feet in no time.

Data Backup

Ensure your documents, pictures, movies, and music are more than memories due to data loss. We won't judge you for your digital hording, but we will keep your data safe with a bullet-proof backup solution.

Drive Cleansing

Ready to donate your old computer but want to make sure your sensitive data is deleted? We perform secure data destruction and make sure your records are securely wiped clean.

Hardware Repair

Hardware broken? We can fix almost any computer-related hardware piece whether it's under warranty or not.

Printer Setup and Troubleshooting

Printer setup, print drivers, wireless printer networks, oh my! Our technicians can setup, network, and install your printer and get your wireless printing working!

Technology Consultation

Wondering what a computer makeover might cost? Our technicians can present you with a complimentary proposal designed specifically to fit your needs. No overselling here!

Computer Setup and Upgrade

We've got your setup covered. We install network equipment, graphic cards, wireless cards, memory, as well as antivirus and security software. We will also upgrade your system to keep you current.

Data Recovery

When a hard drive crashes a speedy recovery is critical. Our technicians will work to recover data and repair corrupted files from your PC, MAC, laptop, server, or RAID array.

Email Setup

Trouble setting up Windows Mail, Outlook or Thunderbird? Problems with Outlook Express, Entourage, Mac Mail, or Endora? We'll help you create an account and teach you how to use it like a pro.